Be Smart: Avoid these Guest Blogging Mistakes Now!

High traffic is one of the primary goals of guest blogging. Guest blogging offers you a chance redirect readers to your own blog through the post you do. And while you are given creative flexibility, mistakes can happen. Learn from these mistakes and avoid them as early as now.

Mistakes Relating to Your Niche

Forgetting your niche. Niche represents your subject area and your target audience. It is tempting to blog for someone whose blog is ranking well and who’s got a huge following. Note though that blog followers or readers read content based on their interest. If you guest post something about a movie review for a blog whose niche is cosmetics, then your readers might not even consider visiting your blog much less your bio.

Low quality author bio. If you guest post for the right niche, you win a creative merit for your work only if you construct a credible bio page. Readers will be interested in who you are and why you write so well under your niche. So strive to be simple and to be professional. If you are struggling with content and structure, visit other blogs who cater to the same niche as you. But never forget this: you have an unlimited opportunity to be creative. Find your own distinction even if it’s only a page that says “About Me”. After all, it’s who you are.

Avoid These 8 Common IRA Mistakes

Avoid These 8 Common IRA Mistakes

Pitfalls Relating to Content

Ignoring quality. There’s an unspoken understanding that because you have a niche, your level of expertise is worthy of consideration. So if you guest post without considering content, organization, grammar, and sentence structure, your readers will get disappointed. Avoid this mistake by reading about your subject matter first. And because you’re a blogger, use your creative ability to write with credibility. Remember that if the online community perceives that you know what you’re talking about, they are likely to interact with you by following, commenting, and sharing your content.

Plagiarizing. You might think that the online community of readers out there is oblivious to plagiarized content. They’re not. Imagine what happens when after reading your blog, they come across the same content under a different site. As a guest blogger, and as a blogger, you are expected to conform to industry prescriptions by owning your ideas and not copying someone else’s work. You can never get away by plagiarizing.

The Guest Posting Etiquette You Need

10 Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

10 Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Ignoring interactive elements. Interactive elements allow you to promote. But there are three things you need to be sensitive about. First, do not add too many links on your guest post. Stay respectable by including at least three backlinks. Second, do not hesitate to promote the blog you’re posting for. It’s a gesture of gratitude because you got the chance to guest post in the first place. And third, do not forget about social media. Be interactive as you respond to comments; thank people for sharing your content; and leaving open a door for future posting to the blog’s owner.

All bloggers make mistakes from time to time. But it ignorance is never an excuse. Smarten up by learning about these mistakes before committing them. That’s called vicarious learning.

Don’t Let it Fail: Save Your Marriage by Communicating Well

One of the primary foundations of marriage is communication. One of the main tools for a successful marriage is communication. But communication can also ruin marital foundations. It can also be a tool that drives a marriage into ruins. Sustain your marriage through proper communication. Read on.

The Function of Content and Context

The problem: Remember your English class when you learned about functional content and context in communication? The same applies to marriage. In fact, what you communicate, where you communicate, when you communicate, and how you communicate are only basic concepts that couples fail to realize.

The solution: Master the art of delay by talking about important matters when both of you are in the proper condition to listen. Don’t talk about something when the phone is ringing, when you can’t find the remote, or when you’re trying to make your baby stop crying. The existing tension escalates an argument.

Remember Your Manners

The problem: Couples let their irrational selves get the better off of them thinking it is normal. And they do only because they are having an argument. Do not fall for the same mistake.

Communication Strategies for Marriage

Communication Strategies for Marriage

The solution: While you’re not conducting a business meeting, show respect to each other as partners and as individuals by speaking calmly, looking each other in the eye, listening attentively and quietly to each other, and asking questions for clarification. Never blame, accuse, or call each other names. Your goal is to understand each other.

Reach an Agreement

The problem: With the main issue vague, couples often end up opening old wounds. This leads them to lose track of the main discussion and leave the same problem unsolved.

The solution: Even before you start arguing, you need to agree on what the main problem is. Why? First, it limits your discussion to the main problem. Second, it provides a healthy direction from problem identification, problem discussion, to problem resolution. And third, you’ll have a calm discussion all throughout. Be surprised.

Suspend Your Judgment

The problem: Couples make a mistake when they become judgmental. Invalidating your partner adds insult to injury. Instead of devoting your attention to the problem, your focus gets directed to the individuality of your partner instead of the problem.

How Poirot can save your marriage

How Poirot can save your marriage

The solution: Always take time to listen to what you both have to say. When you invalidate your spouse, or when you refuse to listen or refuse to count his or her opinions, it’s just like not having talked about the problem at all. So be sensitive and do not assert when there are always two sides of a problem and there’s two of you in discussion.

Start by Brainstorming

The problem: Communication doesn’t always have to be problematic or argumentative in nature. Couples make a mistake by enforcing their ideas on each other. Afterwards, they do silent treatment.

The solution: Start on a positive note. Brainstorm about positive and mutually-agreed solutions after agreeing about what the problem is. You can be more constructive this way and it takes away the necessity to fight.

Observe how the tips above are basic. And when it’s basic, they should be logically imbibed. Forget about these and you’ll have problems. Live with these tips and your marriage will live with you.

3 Killer Abs Exercises That Will Make You Ripped

If you want to improve your performance in many sports such as football and basketball, you need to improve your core body part which is your abdomen. Aside from the improvement in your look, you’ll be able to improve your performance in many physical activities. There are many workouts that you can choose from but you want the ones that can quickly give you the results. Here are 3 workouts that will quickly give you the quick results.

Bucking Hops

Bucking hops is the first abs exercise that will help you get that abs fast. To do this exercise, you first position yourself in the push-up position. You need to keep your knees at an angle of about 90 degrees angle while keeping the elbows soft and flexed. Palms should be flat on the floor while at the same time hopping your feet to your left side, then to the middle part, then to your right and finally to the middle part again. You should be able to perform this exercise with 30 to 60 seconds while keeping your shoulders and your hips aligned throughout the routine. If you find this exercise easy, you can make it harder. Increase the distance of the hop as well as the height so that you can perform a handstand and push up position. Another method to make it harder is to jump from left to right only and not passing the middle position.

Blastoff pushups

Lose Weight Fast With An Exercise

Lose Weight Fast With An Exercise

For this exercise, start with the push-up position. Your hands should be aligned with your shoulders while keeping your palms flat on the ground. Your body should be aligned from your head down to your heels. While keeping your back straight, bring your hips to your back until your knees form a 90 degree angle. At this time your head should already be behind your hands. Hold this position and make a count. Then lunge forward to extend your hips, ankles and knees as you lower your body again and return to the push-up position. Repeat for about 30 to 60 seconds. You can make this routine harder by increasing the number of repetitions while keeping your feet close together.


Align your head, shoulder and hands while keeping your hands flat on the ground. You knees should bend at 90 degree angle and you should be supported by the balls of your feet. You kick your left leg forward as you support your body by your left hand while getting into a one-arm and one-leg hip position. Hold this position as you pause for a count. Go back to the original position and perform the same routine on your right side. Do this within 30 to 60 seconds.

10 abs exercises better than crunche

10 abs exercises better than crunche


If you want to get that killer abs, you don’t have to wait for long. The exercises mentioned above are the quickest way to get ripped. However, don’t rely on these exercises alone. More than the exercise, you must have the right diet and the right lifestyle to get it right. If you perform these exercises yet you have unhealthy diet and live an unhealthy lifestyle, you are just wasting your efforts.

Save This Wedding Season!

Being caught unawares during the wedding season is the lot of many. Most people will not think about this season and the toll it takes on them and their finances. It is a fact that this is one of the most un-budgeted for season among all seasons. The reason for this is that the expenses are never seen coming, the extravagance that come with the season cannot be avoided and people are obligated in one way or another to honor friendships by attending the weddings. You can however save this season by being prepared for the events that are coming your way. Are all your high school or college friends getting married one after another? The more the reason you should get ready of the season so as to save all you can. The vendors know the wedding season. They also know that you will stop at nothing to look dashing on the day of the wedding. This is capitalized by unbelievable pricing on the wedding accessories through the season.

Here are 3 ways to save money during the upcoming wedding season:

Shop early

It is easy to guess how many wedding are going to be taking place this season. The reason for this is that invites are made way early. You can also tell by the rumors going around, which is rather obvious that people will talk about any upcoming weddings. You then need to hit the shops early before the season comes around. You will get to enjoy lower prices from wedding shops that will be experiencing a shortage of the rush. These will sell many items at a discount during the off season waiting for the peak period. Shopping for your ideal wedding dresses at this time will be a real advantage for you. You can also take advantage of the shopping seasons like Black Friday top get you items cheap and affordable.

7 ways to save money this wedding season

7 ways to save money this wedding season

Take advantage of gift offers

You cannot escape buying gifts for the wedding. You will want to get the best for the couple. Waiting for the last minute will also hurt your interests in getting a good gift. You will need to keep on the lookout on the offers and discounts that are taking place in the shopping arena. You will be surprised to get a really good gift at half the price or less if you check in the right places. Many online shopping suites will come with great discounts and vouchers that you can use to surprise the couple with.

Plan, Plan and plan

You will need to get your budget ready. Do not spend out of the budget you have decided on. Weddings like any other activities need a lot of planning right form the schedule, gifts and dresses among many other times. A good plan will save you money and time which are related. A good budget will give you a good idea on how much you will spend on each wedding that you will attend.

 I Hate Planning My Wedding: What's Wrong With Me?

I Hate Planning My Wedding: What’s Wrong With Me?

Everyone will love to go all out during weddings. You will not have to attend all which is a good idea to prioritize and spend on the most important ones to you. You do not have to spend a lot in all events. You can simply attend some which is still a welcome gesture in what you already have to save money.

3 Hints For Giving A Difficult Feedback

Feedbacks are a way to train students or employees. Therefore, these are based on assessment of their assignments and work. In work sphere, such feedbacks need to be given with a caution. Giving any negative feedback is never easy because it can have a demoralizing effect on the employee. Some may be so de-motivated that their work may go from bad to worse. Others may become defiant terming such feedback as too harsh. They would have quite a few to join their bandwagon, and in the process those who do a good job might be subjected to some ridicule.

Since human emotions are complex, and it is hard to understand who will take the criticism in feedback constructively, those who give feedback should learn a few tricks on how to do it subtly and in a way that employees are not able to shrug it off as mild remark, nor be hurt with what is pointed out in the feedback. Here are 3 tips for giving a difficult feedback:

1. Don’t focus on the flaw

This is a time tested solution for giving negative feedbacks. People are more inclined to look for what is praiseworthy in them and this attitude is more evident in work sphere. So if they are told, “Hey I liked this, and you did splendid job with this too, but I wish this aspect was slightly better,” you have made your point, and they are not likely to be unhappy with what you’ve said there. In fact, they would focus on improving the negative aspect so that they can get a better remark the next time.

However, while including those compliments in there, do take care to appreciate honestly and not mention something for the sake of covering the negative feedback. There is always a scope to improve, and therefore, you might get caught in your own words, if that appreciation included there was not a genuine one.

How to Deliver Feedback to Employees Without Squashing Morale

How to Deliver Feedback to Employees Without Squashing Morale

2. Stockpiling is not a nice way to do it

Employees are human and they are not likely to make only one mistake or one type of mistake. You may find a dozen flaws in their work, but if you were to list these flaws and call the employees to your cabin for discussing all such problems at one go, they would be appalled. Their self questioning may go in the direction “Am I so bad?”, “I can’t do this job, I don’t have the required skills”, and so on.

Instead, if one problem was addressed at one time, they might feel more confident with each hurdle out of their way. Ideally, feedbacks should be given in real time so that the person can correct such mistakes before getting habituated to making them. There is an exception to this rule though. Negative feedbacks should not be given consecutively as it can unnerve the employee. Perhaps, the second negative feedback, if essential, can be given in real time, with some sweetener, such as appreciating the efforts following the previous remarks.

3. Don’t vent your frustration on that person

Every team has a few laggards, and this person in your team may be one of those. Or perhaps, he or she is much too soft a person so you are using him or her to vent your frustration. While doing so, you may be genuinely pointing the mistakes, but it still gets taken the wrong way.

How to Deal with 10 Types of Difficult Bosses

How to Deal with 10 Types of Difficult Bosses

Instead, try giving the employee a chance to explain the problems at his or her end, and why the mistake occurred. Perhaps there is another problem hiding out there, which needs to be attended, and it can come into focus.


Employees are always scared of negative feedbacks, especially in recessionary times because jobs are hard to come by. If the managers can make feedback sessions seem like friendly conversations, and at the end of each such session, lay to rest the unconfirmed fears of job loss, the employees would go out of their way to improve on their performances.