The Channel Letter Is Now a Popular Choice for Sign Light

Before you go any farther, let’s answer a very common question: what exactly is a channel sign?

A Channel Sign is three-dimensional, so they “jut” out of the wall. Each letter or symbol is crafted out of a high-quality metal, most frequently chrome-plated aluminum. For years, this was how many businesses used sign lighting, but the most popular type of lighting for signs today is LED. It looks just as good, lasts a lot longer, and costs half as much as traditional sign bulbs.

Another interesting difference between dimensional letters and lighted signs is the size. Lighted signs are generally larger than dimensional ones, often measuring two feet tall by six feet wide by eight feet long. That’s big compared to some of the other signs on the market, like those made from wood.

In addition to their size, dimensional letters also have an interesting feature, called “flip-over.” If the sign is turned over when it’s still lighted, the signs will “wobble” back and forth. This is because the sign is actually two separate panels, with one panel holding the sign’s information. This feature gives dimensional signs a “floating” appearance, making them look more realistic than most other types of signage.

There’s no shortage of colors available for dimensional signs. You can find signs in just about every color imaginable, from bright blues to soft greens. And unlike with most standard signs, there are no restrictions on what colors are used for dimensional signs. You can have white letters or get creative and include a variety of different colors.

Dimensional signs are also quite popular for corporate venues. Because they’re able to hold multiple letters, the sign has a “look” of multiple businesses, giving potential customers a clear indication of the business’s name. They can easily be identified by the color of the lettering and the way they’re aligned with each other. Plus, because they don’t have to be lit with fluorescent lights, they’re a great option for any workplace environment.

The biggest drawback of dimensional signage is that unlike most other types of sign lighting, dimensional signs can’t be retrofitted into older homes. Older home builders use standard, non-retrofitted fixtures to replace older, outdated signs, which can be difficult to retrofit for a new, modern home.

The cost of dimensional signs is usually quite a bit higher than other types of sign lighting, however. They’re about three times as expensive as the fluorescent lights commonly used for signs today. However, because dimensional signs are so unique and durable, they’re expected to last a lifetime, and beyond.

While there is no shortage of different styles of signage, one type that is growing in popularity is the channel sign. If you’re looking to increase the visibility of your business or promote your product or service, it might be time to consider purchasing a channel sign. For more details on channel letter signs just visit the nearest sign company in Vista area.